From the Ranks of GA Republicans: A U.S. Representative Praises Racial Slurs, and a Participant in Jan 6 Mob Announces Candidacy for Congress

By Thomas
May 6, 2024

On May 2, pro-Palestinians, including a Black female, staged a demonstration outside the University of Mississippi. A group of White men yelled racial slurs at the Black, insulted her physical features, and called her "Lizzo," the name of a Black rapper with a larger than average girth. One of the men who was screaming at her mimicked the voice and actions of a monkey.

Rep Mike Collins from Georgia a video of the incident on X, and praised it by adding a comment,  "Ole Miss taking care of business." ( posted the link: Ole Miss taking care of business. .)

A Georgia Republican involved in Jan. 6 attack wants to return to US Capitol — as member of Congress

Chuck Hand is competing to challenge Democratic U.S. Rep. Sanford Bishop in the southwest Georgia U.S. House district. He and his wife were convicted of a misdemeanor in  the incident.

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