Georgia Republicans Elect Lying Insurrectionist Trumpists to High-level Positions

By Thomas
May 13, 2024

The AJC headline:

Georgia GOP elects election deniers to key posts


  • "A host of hardline conservative activists who support Donald Trump’s election fraud lies were elected to top party leadership posts by the more than 2,000 delegates to this weekend’s Georgia GOP convention."
  • "The new leaders of the state party...include some of the more prominent conspiracy theorists in the state, as well as others who have joined pro-Trump lawsuits seeking to undermine President Joe Biden’s victory."
  • "The party’s new first vice-chair, conservative talk show host Brian Pritchard, has claimed the 2020 election was “stolen” even as he faces allegations of voting illegally nine times while serving a felony sentence...The second vice-chairman, David Cross, has frequently promoted election fraud theories..."


IndieDems Comment:

With few exceptions, Georgia Republicans continue to wallow in the same immoral sewer as their guru Trump. The question at this point is not whether Trump is a lying, xenophobic, racist, bullying rapist & misogynist. That has been proven beyond the shadow of a doubt. The question is: how in God’s name can Republicans and other misguided Americans continue to support this immoral cretin?

And why do American religious leaders have no criticism of this reprobate who continues to wantonly violate three of God's Commandments, the ones against lying, committing adultery, and stealing? IndieDems has provided the questions that need to be addressed to those clerics. First of all, to your own preacher, reverend, priest. Ready for you to copy and paste:

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