Trump Revels in His Racism, and Republicans Eagerly Join in the Revelry

By Thomas
March 6, 2024

The Republican Party under Trump's leadership has become such a racist, xenophobic, immoral, conspiracy-mongering cesspool, it's easy to lose track of any one of its despicable stands that, pre-Trump, would have been thought unthinkable. A prime example: racism. Here is a review of his racist track record. Trump:

  • Led the racist birther movement against former President Barack Obama
  • Called African countries s—tholes
  • Called for the death penalty for five Black boys accused of raping a white woman, even after their innocence had been proven
  • At this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference, Trump unleashed a torrent of noxious bigotry toward immigrants. “They’re coming from…all over the world, and we’re not going to stand for it. They’re destroying our country…We have languages coming into our country…It’s a horrible thing.”
  • Made up a Big Lie that two Black election workers in Georgia had attempted to illegally manipulate the counting of ballots in the 2020 election. In a telephone conversation with the GA Secretary of State, trying to get him to prevent Georgia's electoral vote going to Biden, Trump referred to one of the women as a “professional vote-scammer and hustler.” Trump’s false accusations subjected the workers to vicious threats and harassment, turning their lives into a living hell.
  • Labeled as racists the three Black prosecutors who are trying him in separate cases
  • Said Black voters liked him more because he had been indicted, an unveiled appeal to the stereotype of Blacks being criminals
  • Headed a real estate company with a history of discrimination
  • Did not appoint a single African American to a federal court
  • Makes flagrant appeals to white Christian nationalists
Every time you become aware of a Republican who is eagerly going to vote for Trump for the third time, remember: that Republican's vote constitutes a firm endorsement of the racism on display above.

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