Trump's Own Words & Deeds that Render Him Unfit to be President

By Thomas
January 8, 2024

The Republican Screed 2024
Words Republicans Live By in 2024, As Proclaimed by Donald Trump and Approved by 85% of Republicans

(IndieDems Note: This is not to be taken as an exhaustive list of Trump's insults, ignorance, & craziness.)

  • Make over 30,000 false or misleading statements (lies) as President
  • Spend weeks downplaying the coronavirus threat and stating it would soon “just disappear,” leaving the nation unprepared for the full force of the pandemic
  • In later interviews with Bob Woodward, admit that you lied in giving your optimistic view
  • Recommend that Americans ingest bleach to cure Covid-19
  • During the 2020 Presidential campaign, refuse to commit to a peaceful transfer of power and disparage mail-in voting in a transparent effort to set the stage for an extra-legal or illegal challenge of the vote
  • Create out of whole cloth the Big Lie that massive fraud prevented you and other Republicans from winning in 2020
  • Have your followers launch numerous frivolous legal challenges to the lawful election results, all of which are thrown out of court.
  • Pressure state election officials to illegally alter the official election results, including a flagrant appeal to the Georgia Secretary of State that results in your being indicted on 31 criminal charges
  • Use the Big Lie about voter fraud to mobilize a rally in Washington on January 6 and incite the participants to stage a violent invasion of the Capitol
  • After the rioters spend over an hour viciously beating Capitol policemen and vandalizing and looting the Capitol, appear in public to refer to the mob as “my kind of people.”
  • After your presidential term ends, mobilize the Republican Party to launch an attack on democracy itself, with the aim of stealing the 2022 and 2024 elections by passing laws to allow extreme voter suppression and to place partisan hacks in charge of state electoral processes.
  • Demean the military service of John McCain and insult his memory by raising the White House flag back to full mast while his memorial services were underway
  • Mock a handicapped person
  • Kidnap children and lock them in wire cages
  • Tell lies about the extent of criminality among Hispanic migrants
  • Call Hispanic migrants “animals” who were “infesting” America
  • Brag about sexually assaulting women
  • Call various women bimbo, dog, ugly, of low intellect, & Miss Piggy
  • Refer to a United States female Senator by the racist-tinged term “Pocahontas”
  • Support a known sex offender for the Senate from Alabama
  • Publicly boast that you take the word of Putin over U.S. intelligence services about Russian interference in U.S. elections
  • Come across as an obsequious lapdog of Putin in a 2018 joint press conference
  • Refuse to take serious steps to counter Russian cyber warfare aimed at the U.S.
  • Spread the proven Russian Big Lie about Ukraine interfering in U.S. elections
  • State that the United States was no better than Russia in its moral values
  • Insult and demean the United States’ democratic allies
  • Call for the dissolution of NATO
  • Press for Russia to be invited to the annual meeting of the G-7, despite our allies’ opposition
  • Order the removal of 11,000 troops from Germany without prior consultation with our NATO allies
  • Praise the leadership of the murderous thugs Putin and Kim Jong Un
  • Proclaim that you are in love with Kim Jung Un
  • Remain unstinting in your praise of Putin and Kim Jung Un after they are revealed as ordering the assassination of their political opponents abroad
  • Allow your Postmaster General to gravely weaken Post Office operations three months before the presidential election, placing at risk the proper handling of the tidal wave of anticipated mail-in ballots
  • Urge Americans to vote twice, a criminal as well as moral offense
  • Establish a long track record of incendiary and disparaging remarks about veterans and military service. Include in the disparagement veterans who were wounded, captured, or missing in action, and call those killed in combat “losers.”
  • In a meeting with top U.S. generals, call them “losers” and “a bunch of dopes and babies,”
  • Support torture
  • Accuse a former President of engaging in a criminal conspiracy to hide his real birthplace
  • Call Hispanic migrants “animals” who are “infesting” America
  • Engage in the character assassination of a respected U.S. Ambassador
  • Treat as trivial the brutal murder of American journalist Jamal Khashoggi on orders of the Saudi Crown Prince
  • Praise neo-Nazi demonstrators chanting "Jews will not replace us"
  • Be willing to accept damaging information on political rivals from a foreign government
  • Run political campaigns overtly supporting racism, xenophobia, and white nationalism
  • Use fear-mongering and race-baiting to support that campaign
  • Clasp to your bosom the extremist crackpot organization QAnon, which believes a cabal of pedophiles and cannibals is waging a Satanic conspiracy against Trump, by effusively praising QAnon’s chief Georgia advocate for winning a Congressional primary
  • Talk about Hispanic immigrants the way Hitler talked about the Jews
  • Impugn the integrity of a respected judge based on his ethnic origin.
  • Tell U.S. Congresswomen of color to “go back where you came from.”
  • Call African countries "s---holes"
  • Incite followers to violence
  • Have police authorities assault peaceful protestors to clear a path for you to walk across the street and pose in front of a church holding a Bible
  • In a transparently racist appeal, warn “suburban housewives” that Democratic housing policies would “destroy” the suburbs
  • Imply that the Second Amendment could be invoked to justify assassinating Hillary Clinton
  • Tell law enforcement officers that they should feel free to rough up detainees and break the law, and be guaranteed a pardon
  • Call a Republican U.S. Congressman who body-slammed a newsman “my kind of guy”
  • Say it is OK to get information on political opponents from foreigners
  • Approve Howard Stern's calling your daughter "a piece of a--"
  • Overrule U.S. security services and grant Jared Kushner a security clearance
  • Belittle a Gold Star American mother
  • Create a sham “university” to defraud average citizens of their money
  • Have a court order the closing of your foundation because of financial impropriety
  • Play up being called “the chosen one,” an appellation usually reserved for Jesus Christ
  • Subvert the military’s due process by pardoning three officers duly convicted of atrocities against civilians in separate instances
  • Do the same to civilian courts by pardoning Joe Arpaio, the former Arizona sheriff who housed Latino prisoners outdoors in inhumane conditions and was convicted on federal contempt-of-court charges
  • Accuse TV personality Joe Scarborough of being a murderer
  • Falsely accuse a senior citizen protestor assaulted by police of being an anti-government conspirator
  • Violate the Constitution’s emolument clause and enrich yourself and your family by welcoming foreign delegations to your hotels and resorts
  • Have good words to say about:
    • The “very good people” (armed protesters) who showed up in the Michigan Capitol to intimidate lawmakers
    • The person who allegedly shot and killed two people at a protest in Wisconsin
    • The “Great Patriots” who drove into Portland, Ore., hurling paintballs and pepper spray at demonstrators
    • Officers who kill unarmed African Americans. Claim they simply “choke” under pressure.

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