Trump's Behavior Raises Question: Is He Mentally Competent to Hold Office?

By Thomas
November 17, 2023

After eight years of Trump as politician—four of them as president—pretty well all rational human beings know Trump is unfit to be President of the United States. He is the incompetent, morally and intellectually bankrupt leader of the morally and intellectually bankrupt Republican Party. The two burnt-out cases reinforce their flaws to keep him as the leading Republican presidential candidate.

  • A former federal prosecutor has now raised another question about Trump’ fitness: whether the former president is mentally competent to run for office.
  • Attorney James Zirin, a former federal prosecutor in New York's Southern District, noted Donald Trump's growing problem with facts, his confusion when giving speeches as well as pronounced slurring when speaking.
  • “His behavior has gone from bad to weird to bizarre."

Several journalists who regularly cover Trump have been asking the same questions.


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