Republicans Threaten U.S. National Security, As Well As Democracy

By Thomas
November 10, 2023

IndieDems note: As regular readers of these pages know well, IndieDems makes frequent use of commentary from other sources as the bases of our own analysis. Articles from newspapers, social media, etc., are posted with links to the original. Sometimes they a left to stand alone, sometimes followed by "IndieDems comment." But, in this instance, no link is provided to the original. Reason: the commentary is from a subscriber-only newsletter. But--the sentences are also a point-by-point recitation of facts. We thought having these facts as a convenient reference justified publishing them,even though it may strain SOP.)

Republicans Threaten the National Security of the United States

  • The past few weeks should have convinced you that keeping Republicans in the House majority and putting them back in the White House would endanger national security as much as they would democracy.
  • A sizable share of Republicans are ready to throw Ukraine to the Russia bear, which would hand a defeat to the United States more serious than Vietnam.
  • Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-Ala.) persists in holding up military promotions. Republicans appear unwilling to make any rule change to shut him down.
  • Republicans are unrelenting in their infatuation with shutdowns, which would have our military men and women work without pay.
  • MAGA Republicans and their cult leader mock and threaten the people and institutions responsible for upholding the Constitution and protecting our safety (e.g., disabled veterans, Capitol police, the FBI, court personnel).
  • Instead of responsible stewardship and respect for the military, they offer insults (“woke,” “losers”).
  • Instead of serious concern for their fellow Americans’ safety, they bait violent extremists with paeans to toxic masculinity.
  • Democracy and ordered liberty will be on the ballot in 2024, but so will defense of the homeland, preservation of critical alliances and maintenance of a 21st-century military.

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