Religion Commentator Skewers New GOP House Speaker's Warped "Christianity"

By Thomas
November 6, 2023

In a recent media article, David French points out he once worked together with Mike Johnson, whom Republicans recently elected as Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, in the "same Christian law firm." But, French says, two events from Mike Johnson’s early days as Speaker encapsulate how he and some other Republicans view the "broken way" Johnson and other evangelicals approach politics. In Johnson's first press conference after his election, a reporter started to ask Johnson about his efforts to overturn the 2020 election. But before she could finish, "Johnson’s Republican colleagues started to shout her down." Johnson simply shook his head and said. “Next question,” as if the query wasn’t worth his time.

The second instance came when, in an interview on a news network, Johnson was asked about the source of his basic political philosophy. He replied: What do I think about any issue under the sun? "Well, go pick up a Bible off your shelf and read it. That’s my worldview.” ,

French disputed this, saying "the Bible isn’t actually a clear guide to 'any issue under the sun.' ” But, he said, it is a much clearer guide for Christian virtue--and went on to point out Johnson's failure to meet that standard in several ways. Where, for example, is the Christian virtue of honesty in Johnson's pepetuating the Big Lie about massive fraud stealing the 2020 election from Trump and participating in the criminal effort to overturn the lawful results? Or, promoting the same theories as some of the most corrupt and incompetent lawyers in American legal life?

French concludes: "This is precisely indicative of the political ruthlessness that’s overtaken evangelical Republicans. They are inflexible about policy positions even when the Bible is silent or vague. They are flexible about morality even when the Bible is clear...there is a clear theme that echoes throughout the Bible..."The ends do not justify the means."

IndieDems Comment:

Why anybody would take seriously anyone who claims his every word and deed is based on what the Bible says, is beyond me. The historical track record proves beyond a doubt such people, far from being Christians, are cafeteria Christians, people who have gone through the Bible, picked the parts they like, thrown the rest in the trash, and proclaimed their selection constitutes Christianity. Amazing that such people are taken seriously and leap to the top of evangelical leadership. Even after a novelist wrote the book Elmer Gantry, a character who represents these evangelical hypocrites to a “T.” And if you’ve never seen the movie, "A Face in the Crowd," check it out.

As for Johnson and his fidelity to the Bible, French eloquently points out the glaring hypocrisy of this coming from a person who played a major role in the Big Lie about voter fraud that led to the Big Crime of attempting to overturn a lawful presidential election. And phony baloney cafeteria Christians like Johnson continue to support for president a charlatan who violates no less than three of God’s Commandments, the ones that forbid lie, adultery, and stealing. Jesus explicitly called for adherence to the Commandments.

But the hypocrites vigorously oppose abortion, something Jesus never said one word about. In fact, neither does the Bible. Google it.

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