Republicans and Democrats Are Equal? You Must Be Kidding.

By Thomas
August 30, 2023

Name me the Democratic candidate for public office who:

  • Lies about election fraud without any supporting evidence
  • Engaged in criminal acts to try to overturn the lawful 2020 presidential elections
  • Is a congenital liar
  • Locked up children in wire cages
  • Demeaned the military service of John McCain
  • Bragged about sexually assaulting women & called them fat, ugly, bimbo, & dog
  • Mocked a handicapped person
  • Praised neo-Nazi demonstrators
  • Incites followers to violence
  • Preaches racism & xenophobia
  • Told minority Congresswomen to go back where they came from
  • Grossly misused the president's pardoning power by granting pardons to his appointed henchmen found guilty of crimes by a jury

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