New York Times: "Extra Fees Drive Assisted Living Profits"


The cost of assisted living centers is so crushingly high that most Americans can’t afford them. These highly profitable facilities often charge $5,000 a month or more and then layer on extra fees at every step. Some examples:

The facilities also charge extra to help residents to:


"Older generic chemotherapy drugs remain scarce, forcing doctors to put a priority on the patients who have the best chance of survival."

IndieDems Comment:

Funny things keep happening on the way to the Republican goal of of turning our health care 100 percent over to the forces of free enterprise. Average Americans keep getting further and further into debt and even going bankrupt, the more the Republican plan is implemented. Could it possibly be that the profit motive does not work when the customers are predominantly unemployed and come from the lower end of the economic spectrum?

And, my goodness. Have American pharma companies suddenly disappeared? I mean, those profit-driven companies can’t even provide enough of the basic drugs that keep people alive? What piece of the puzzle am I missing? Come on, Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson. Show us that capitalism is always the solution, never the problem.

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Democrats dominate Election Day despite angst over Biden


The Washington Post - November 6, 2023


IndieDems Comment:

Biden's team is correct in saying that polls one year ahead of an election do not predict the outcome. But--the recent polls sound a clarion call about the tough fight ahead. IndieDems shares the concern of those Democratic voices saying that the real problem is that Biden and his advisers seem to be ignoring or downplaying the warning signs that a course correction is desperately needed.

Democrats seeking refuge in the argument that polls do not predict the outcome are ignoring the major difference between Trump and all previous presidential candidates: none of the others carried the baggage that Trump does while maintaining the approval ratings that Trump does. No other presidential candidate has shown himself to be a congenital liar; organized a criminal conspiracy to overturn a presidential election; continued to declare the election was stolen, without offering one shred of evidence to back up the charge; made flagrantly racist, xenophobic, and misogynist statements; been indicted on multiple criminal and civil charges; had chief aides and lawyers plead guilty to crimes; and been found guilty himself of a sexual assault--and continued to pose a real chance of defeating an incumbent.

The more Trump is shown to have committed wrongful acts, the higher he has ridden in the polls.

Biden needs to launch a stronger counterattack soon, or risk falling permanently behind the curve.

"Despite a flood of negative polls for Democrats, the party has delivered a string of strong results in special elections, which can be a useful gauge of the national political environment."



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