The Republican War on Democracy

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The Republican Party as of November 2, 2020, was the most morally and intellectually corrupt political institution among Western democracies. With its refusal to accept Donald Trump’s defeat on November 3, the Republican Party entered a whole new dimension and became a threat to the survival of democracy itself.

Republicans are waging war against the basic moral and democratic values that define American democracy. The war is most evident in Trump’s refusal to acknowledge defeat and to issue the traditional concession speech affirming respect for a peaceful transfer of power according to the Constitution and the rule of law.

Trump delivered a second sledgehammer blow with his refusal to set in motion the formal mechanisms that allow the transition to proceed. He even denied classified briefings to the incoming team on matters of national security.

Trump and his Republican minions further showed their contempt for democratic norms and the rule of law by launching numerous lawsuits based on totally fallacious and unsubstantiated allegations of massive fraud and malfeasance in the electoral process. The worthlessness of those claims is shown by judges ruling against every single charge of massive fraud.

The most frightening aspect of Trump’s war against democracy is the widespread support it has among Republican officials. Most have fervently supported Trump, and only a handful of Republicans have issued even a mild rebuke. The frightening part? Come hell or high water, Donald Trump will be out of power as of high noon on January 20, 2021. His Republican lap dogs will remain in power, and continue their effort to undermine, weaken—and probably, destroy—American democracy.

Republicans are transparently demonstrating they accept the fact that the only way they can win elections is by using lies, demagoguery, and voter suppression. The 2020 elections show they are quite willing to do so.

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