Trump has expressed admiration for authoritarian rule that is 180 degrees opposite of America's basic democratic principles. Trump many times has intensely praised Russian dictator Vladimir Putin and North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un.  Trump clearly admires the "strength" autocratic leaders demonstrate and has contrasted Putin's ruthlessness several times with President Biden's alleged "weakness." In 2014, when Russia invaded and seized Crimea, Trump declared: "Well, Putin’s done an amazing job of taking the mantle.” After Putin illegally declared two regions of Ukraine to be independent, and therefore susceptible to Russian control, Trump declared that Putin's actions were "genius" "savvy" and "wonderful."
Trump, after visiting Kim in north Korea, declared that he was "in love" with the thug. Trump told the author writing a book about him that he “admired (mob boss) Gotti because the mobster sat through years of trials with a stone face. ‘In other words, tough,’ Trump said.”
And in domestic politics, read this comprehensive and insightful look at Trump’s association with extremist groups: “Trump gravitates to fringe figures despite efforts to limit their influence.”
IndieDems Comment:
Trump’s own words keep providing insights into the hearts and soul of his Republican admirers. And what warped, twisted souls those Republicans have. They continue to endorse race-baiting, mocking the handicapped, demeaning the military service of John McCain, calling African countries s—tholes, bragging about sexually assaulting women & calling them fat, ugly, bimbo, & dog.
Putin, murderous mobsters & Kim Jong-Un are to be admired? Jews are using space lasers to start forest fires in the U.S.? Massive fraud stole the presidential election from Trump? Covid-19 would be gone by spring 2020? Hydroxychloroquine would cure it anyway? Takes bona-fide Republican Trumpists to say or believe all that. Like Reps. MT Greene & Barry Loudermilk. Senators Susan Collins & Charles Grassley. Gov. Glenn Youngkin.
When did Republicans become such know-nothings, such ignorant, immoral losers?