AJC: The continued rise of maternal mortality in Georgia leaves families broken in its wake


Georgia women are dying from pregnancy-related causes at the highest rate that has been documented by the state in the past decade. Each year, between 35 and 40 mothers die, recent state health data show.

Health experts agree: the causes of the deaths are complex. In search of remedies, a bill is making its way through the Georgia General Assembly to implement a study of maternal and infant health services, and lawmakers may propose expanding Medicaid…


Carlton Fletcher in the Albany (GA) Herald




The AJC reports:

‘Fighting for their life’: Georgia drops 500,000 from Medicaid


The number of Georgia adults and children kicked off the Medicaid health program puts it among the states with the highest rate of disenrollment. Medicaid is the government health insurance for poor children and some poor adults.



The median adult with dementia in an assisted living center spent 97% of their monthly income on long-term care according to a new Georgia State University study.

“Because dementia is such an expensive illness, it really is in a category of its own when we start to think about funding for long-term care,” said senior author Jalayne Arias, associate professor in the GSU School of Public Health. “Our study shows that if you compare people with dementia to their age-matched counterparts, they experience costs that are untenable to manage.”


"Key Republicans who once backed other White House candidates are lining up behind former president."


With nine months to go before the election, we already have the FACTS about what Republicans long for in a presidential candidate. A Republican presidential candidate is someone who:

--Rapes a woman, labels her a liar when she publicly outs him; continues to vilify her after a jury finds him guilty of gross sex abuse and orders him to pay compensation; forcing her to go through the ordeal of another public vetting of the horror she endured; once more, continues his vilification outside the court and appears personally in court to do the same.

--Makes up a Big Lie about how two Georgia election workers engaged in criminal activity to manipulate the ballot count, and joins his lawyer--like Rudolf Giuliani--in a publicity campaign to spread the lie, unleashing a torrent of threats and intimidation of the two that turns their lives into a living hell.  Keeps the vile lie going for three years until a trial exonerates the two and the jury orders the lawyer to pay almost $150 million in damages.

--Publicly and frequently expresses his fulsome praise for murderous thugs Vladimir Putin, North Korean leader Kim Jung Un, Chinese President Xi, Hungarian strongman Orban. Even calls the terrorist organization Hezbollah "very smart."

--Continues to vociferously tell the Big Lie that the 2020 presidential election was "stolen" from him, without offering a shred of evidence to support his allegation, while even honest former senior officials in his Administration say he is lying

--Openly declares his intention, if elected, to establish an authoritarian regime in the United States that will put an end to democracy and the rule of law.

--Demeans the military service of John McCain

--Calls fallen American soldiers "losers" and "suckers," according to Gen. John Kelly, Trump's former Chief of Staff.(See

--Mocks the handicapped.

All the above is what Georgia Republicans like Gov. Brian Kemp, SECSTATE Brad Raffensperger, and all the Republican members of GA's U.S. Congressional delegation want their presidential candidate to have. They are joined by people like Gov. Glenn Youngkin (VA) and Senators Grassley (Iowa) and Collins (ME).

Could someone please help me? What piece of the puzzle am I missing that leads Republicans to support this immoral cretin to be President?

*Bankruptcy no longer fits. Too weak.

Any decent American hopes that the saga of Donald Trump vs. E. Jean Carroll will be over with a jury’s decision to award Trump’s rape victim with $83 million in damages. In the many years of this saga, Trump has displayed a pluperfect example of toxic masculinity that would put most serial rapists to shame. First, there was the sexual assault itself in the mid-1990s, a brutal act that, if revealed at the time, would probably have ended Trump’s career as a TV celebrity. But, as in most instances of a rich and famous person committing a sexual assault, the victim refused to press charges out of a feeling of shame and the dread of the publicity circus that would ensue, likely ending—according to precedent—with the criminal being found not guilty.

But personal and societal norms change, and in 2019, Carroll revealed the assault in the New York magazine as an excerpt from a book she had written. Trump vociferously denied the allegation and called Carroll a liar. Unable to seek damages over the alleged assault itself because the statute of limitations had passed, Carroll brought defamation claims against Trump over his written and verbal comments accusing her of lying. That lawsuit seemed to be getting nowhere when New York state in 2022 dramatically changed the situation by passing a law giving plaintiffs a one-year window to bring claims seeking civil damages for sexual misconduct. Carroll immediately filed a new lawsuit seeking damages for the alleged assault itself. She included a new claim of defamation over Trump, in October 2022, once more accusing her of lying.

On May 9, 2023, a federal jury in New York found Trump liable for defamation and sexual abuse and awarded Carroll a total of $5 million in damages. The jurors did not find that Trump raped Carroll, but they agreed that he "sexually abused" her and that he defamed her when he denied her story.

The jury’s decision did not phase Trump one iota. He immediately proceeded to show what a warped, twisted, and depraved soul he really is by resuming his public insults and defamation of his sex assault victim. Carroll had no alternative but to force him to face a jury one more time, not on the physical assault charges, but to determine how much Trump would have to pay in fines and punitive damages.

During the second trial in January 2024, Trump outside the courtroom kept up a barrage of verbal attacks on his victim, and repeated his accusation that she was lying in a brief personal appearance on the witness stand. His lawyers in the courtroom did the same. The judge several times admonished Trump for exceeding the guidelines for his testimony.

On Jan. 262024, the second jury ordered Trump to pay $83.3 million to Carroll for defaming her.

Trump  showed up in person at the second trial. Here is one news service description of his antics: “He shook his head in anger, sitting with his back hunched. He spoke to his lawyers, his words sometimes quite audible to the packed courtroom. He wrote instructions for his defense team that he shoved their way. He walked in late at one point, and at another, while a lawyer suing him was speaking to the jury, he stalked out.” The journalists concluded that Trump’s behavior showcased his disdain both for America’s  legal system and for the protocols of courtrooms that apply to all participants.

The Georgia Parallel

The Carroll case had its parallel in Georgia. In 2020, Trump accused two Georgia election workers—Wandrea "Shaye" Moss and her mother Ruby Freeman—of illegally manipulating ballots that were being counted in the presidential election. The Trump campaign, led by lawyer Rudolf Giuliani, launched a campaign to vilify the two, based on nothing but lies. The allegations turned the lives of the two into a living hell of threats and harassment, forcing the mother to move out of her home.

Federal courts and the state of Georgia found the charges to be completely false. Giuliani himself at one point had admitted the allegations were lies he had created out of whole cloth. He then recanted his words, but a jury awarded the mother/daughter team $148 million in damages from Giuliani for defamation over the lies he spread about them.

The defamation trials, in short, glaringly reveal what an immoral, character-assassinating cretin Donald Trump really is. But more to the point: what decent human beings could possibly reveal their own depraved, degenerate souls by continuing to support Trump for president? In fact, to gleefully support Trump for president for the third time? The answer, of course: an overwhelming majority of Republicans, that’s who.

In Georgia, those Republicans who support the despicable behavior displayed by Trump in his treatment of his defamation victims include the following U.S. Representatives and their stafers:


These cabinet-level appointees saw Donald Trump up close. And they decided they couldn’t stand by him.These appointees didn’t start out opposed to Mr. Trump. Not only are they people whom Mr. Trump chose...they are people who thought Mr. Trump was worth working for. But many of them quickly became alarmed by Mr. Trump’s personality, temperament and policy aims.



Donald J. Trump first established his connection with the largely white Republican base more than a decade ago by stoking discomfort with the election of Barack Obama, the nation’s first Black president — the beginning of the so-called birther movement.

In the years since, he has continued to pile up accusations of racism on the campaign trail.


(Excerpt) Trump keeps doing appalling things: In just the past couple of days, he nearly got thrown out of the second defamation trial brought against him by a woman who, according to a jury, he sexually abused, and then claimed on social media that presidents should enjoy absolute immunity from criminal prosecution even when they “cross the line.” But his misdeeds have lost the capacity to shock, and they no longer drive conversations. That might change if he is once again president, but like a virus, he won’t generate as strong a reaction when he’s no longer novel.

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