"Take it from conservative national security experts: Trump is unfit"

By Thomas
May 28, 2024


The Washington Post - 5/23/24


Former senior Republican national security experts state: Returning Trump to the position of commander in chief and leader of the free world is just as scary on a global front as it is on the domestic.

  • Former national security adviser John Bolton said in a media interview that Ronald Reagan would be “appalled” by the MAGA Republican Party.
  • Bolton has previously said of Trump: "He’s fundamentally ignorant, and he really doesn’t care about the facts. He thinks international relations are about personal relations...Trump’s ignorance and overweening narcissism make him easy pickings for manipulative dictators."
  • Marine general and former Trump Chief of Staff John F. Kelly has warned about Trump’s unfitness and fond thoughts about Adolf Hitler.
  • Robert M. Gates, former CIA director and defense secretary who served in the administrations of both George W. Bush and Barack Obama, in an appearance on “Face the Nation” praised Biden's efforts to mobilize support for Ukraine against the Russian invasion and criticized any idea of abandoning Ukraine to Putin.

Post columnist Jennifer Rubin's conclusion after listening to the Republican voices: "anyone who cares about democracy, NATO, Middle East peace and the United States’ role as the “indispensable” nation should consider the prospect of a second (and third!) Trump term an unmitigated disaster."

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