GA GOP to the Needy About Health Care: Let Them Eat Cake (Or, Get Sick and Die)

By Thomas
February 10, 2024

The AJC reports:

‘Fighting for their life’: Georgia drops 500,000 from Medicaid


The number of Georgia adults and children kicked off the Medicaid health program puts it among the states with the highest rate of disenrollment. Medicaid is the government health insurance for poor children and some poor adults.

  • Georgia’s Medicaid disenrollment is part of a year-long “redetermination” process mandated by the federal government, so all states are going through the same process.
  • Since recertifying began last April, Georgia has dropped more than 503,000 people from Medicaid — one of the highest rates of disenrollment in the nation.
  • As of mid-December, Georgia had the nation’s third-worst rate of disenrolling children, according to federal data.
  • "The state’s Department of Human Services, which oversees Medicaid workers, has been understaffed and overwhelmed by the demands for help."
  • One person involved in trying to preserve Medicaid for the poor reports that some have had their Medicaid cut off with no explanation — so many that she’s now keeping a spreadsheet.


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