Rep. Barry Loudermilk (R-GA): Poster Boy for Trump's War on Democracy, & His Lies

By Thomas
November 13, 2023

Today’s Republican Party embraces lying as a way of life. Its President, Donald Trump, made over 30,000 false or misleading statements while in office, and Republicans like Rep. Loudermilk rewarded him by supporting him for a second term in 2020. Trump’s current main issue is to spread the Big Lie about the 2020 elections being stolen. Rep. Loudermilk, of course, is trying for the third time to get the lying Trump elected president.

So it’s no wonder that Loudermilk tells a Big Lie about the economy under Biden. Here is the truth, as written November 9 by Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Krugman: “America has accomplished what many, perhaps most, economists considered impossible: a large fall in inflation without a recession or even a big rise in unemployment.”

Krugman quotes a report issued November 8 by Goldman Sachs titled “The Hard Part Is Over,” noting that “we’re managing to combine rapid disinflation with solid growth, and that it expects this happy combination — the opposite of stagflation — to continue.”

Rep. Loudermilk, you tried to overcome your president’s resounding defeat at the polls in 2020 by lending your support to Trump‘s criminal conspiracy to try to overturn the lawful results. You know, the conspiracy which resulted in Trump and 18 co-conspirators being indicted by a Georgia grand jury on 41 counts. The case in which three of his former lawyers have plead guilty.  The case in which Trump and his lawyer Rudolf Giuliani falsely accused two innocent Georgia elections workers, Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss, of illegal acts in the handling of ballots. A federal judge exonerated them of all charges.

The American people last Tuesday delivered a loud repudiation of Barry Loudermilk and Donald Trump by voting for Democrats in elections nationwide and against hardline Republican policies on abortion.

Meanwhile, Trump in recent days has abandoned any semblance of respect for democracy and openly expressed his unvarnished embrace of an authoritarian use of power.

See: Trump’s Mein Kampf: His plans for a radical move toward authoritarian rule;
        Trump’s plans to remove the guardrails in a second term

The response of Barry Loudermilk is to double down on his lying on behalf of Trump and the morally and intellectually bankrupt Republican Party.

What a disgrace you are, Rep. Loudermilk, to your office, your constituents, your state.

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