Trump's Resemblance to Hitler Is Increasing, Not Diminishing

By Thomas
November 1, 2023

Trump’s recent spate of gaffes—like his referring to Obama as his presidential rival—has raised questions about his mental soudness. In a broader context, Trump’s speeches for the past eight years have laid bare a much more troubling truth about the man. His words show that Trump is a reincarnation of Adolf Hitler. The resemblance is increasing, not diminishing.

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A gross exaggeration? I ask: What are the main features of Hitler’s speeches that aroused the German masses, made him a leading political figure, and led finally to his becoming Chancellor via normal, legal procedures? Two features: lies and demagoguery. No intellectual debate about policies. Hitler used his rhetorical skills to make Germans feel good. They cared not about the facts behind what he actually said.

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Put side by side the day Hitler became Chancellor in 1933 and Trump became President in 2017. Today on the calendar would be November 1939 in Hitler’s life. He has been Chancelor for over six years and consolidated his position as Germany’s undisputed leader. His position is strong enough for him to have started WWII two months ago. He continues his ruthless suppression of Jews and his other enemies, but he is universally accepted as the legitimate Chancellor of Germany. The invasion of Western Europe and then Russia, the bombing of London, the Holocaust, are still to come.

In the U.S. in 1939, Charles Lindbergh was leading a powerful pro-Nazi group called America First that had gained widespread public support. Lindbergh had proudly accepted a medal Hitler awarded him for his services to Nazi Germany.

Now, think about Donald Trump today continuing his lies and demagoguery, including his Big Lie about a stolen election, after trying to overturn a lawful presidential election, while shouting his praise of dictatorial thugs like Putin and Kim Jong Un—and even Hezbollah. Trump’s supporters still consider him a normal politician, worthy of being re-elected president.

In 1939, Hitler’s supporters still considered Hitler to be a normal politician, the best German leader ever. In fact, he was only half way through his term of office as Chancellor.

How did Hitler and his Nazis take over Germany? You’re watching the scenario play out daily as Republicans rally behind Trump and his overtly authoritarian intentions. It wasn’t just the Nazis bulldozing their way through. It was ordinary Germans supporting the Nazi cause—like Republicans supporting the Trumpists, who loudly praise dictatorial thugs like Putin and Kim Jong Un. Rep. Barry Loudermilk (R-GA), for example, wants to put Trump back in the White House so he can mobilize the power of the presidency to advance the Republicans authoritarian goals.

You tell me the difference between 1939 Hitler and 2023 Trump.


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