New Republican Speaker Johnson Espouses Right-wing Christian Nationalism

By Thomas
October 29, 2023
"The new House speaker has put his faith at the center of his political career, and aligned himself with a newer cohort of conservative Christianity that some describe as Christian nationalism."
IndieDems Comment:
Johnson comes across as another holy roller with a mindset roughly equal to that of a medieval monk.We can get a good idea of what Johnson and his followers stand for by examining the records of what previous generations of blind Christian fanatics have supported:
-The Inquisition
-The Crusades, including the mass slaughter of women and children when Christians captured Jerusalem.
-Burning witches at the stake, or stoning them to death
-Pogroms against the Jews
-Confining Jews to ghettos
-Timidity and silence in the face of the Nazis rise to power
-The Holocaust

Of course, we have the 21st Century messiah whom Republican Christians worship as a demigod. Johnson’s definition of a good Christian is someone who:

-Is a congenital liar
-Tells a whopping Big Lie about election fraud without any supporting evidence, while three of his lawyers, and a myriad other Republicans, expose the lies for what they are
-Locked up children in wire cages
-Demeaned the military service of John McCain
-Bragged about sexually assaulting women & called them fat, ugly, bimbo, & dog
-Mocked a handicapped person
-Praised neo-Nazi demonstrators
-Incites followers to violence
-Preaches racism & xenophobia
-Told Congresswomen of color to go back where they came from
This is only a partial list of the character traits Mike Johnson believes make a good Christian.
Anyone with this warped definition of Christianity should be in therapy, not assuming the office of Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives.
This is what defines the heart and soul of Mike Johnson?

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