Republicans Elect Trumpist Election Denier as Speaker, Signifying Trump & His Extremist Followers Control GOP

By Thomas
October 26, 2023

Republicans in the House of Representatives, after engaging in three weeks of chaos that made a mockery of orderly government, elected as Speaker Mike Johnson, an ultra-conservative Trump lackey and a key promoter of the election denial agenda. He got the vote of every single Republican present and voting. Trump single-handedly secured Johnson's victory by endorsing him over the  only other candidate still in the running, who had become the nominee of the GOP caucus just the night before.

In the aftermath of the 2020 presidential election, Johnson was a leader in the Trump-sponsored recruitment of House Republicans to sign a legal brief supporting a lawsuit to overturn the election results. Johnson has also supported the anti-abortion movement and opposed the expansion of gay rights. He voted against the codification of same-sex marriage and has sponsored multiple bills that would limit gender-affirming care for minors and ban federally funded schools from discussing sexual orientation.

Below is a compendium of media reports on Speaker Johnson and the frightening implications for America of this Trump puppet's  election.

As House speaker, Mike Johnson is as dangerous as Jim Jordan
Ruth Marcus, Washington Post


Johnson was the moving force behind a Supreme Court brief that helped lay the shoddy intellectual groundwork for the Jan 6, 2021 mob attack on the Capital as the opening move of an attempt to overturn the legal Electoral vote results. The Supreme Court justices swiftly rejected the case.

In December 2020, he rallied fellow Republican lawmakers to support Texas’s brazen bid to overturn the election results.

House Elects Mike Johnson as Speaker, Embracing a Hard-Right Conservative
-New York Times

5 things to know about Mike Johnson, the new House speaker
-Washington Post
A fifth-string speaker suits up for House Republicans
By Dana Milbank, Washington Post

(Excerpt) Three weeks before the next government-shutdown deadline, Republicans have elected a no-name speaker with no experience and no agreement on a way forward.

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