Israel Would Make a Terrible Mistake If It Launches Gaza Invasion Without Broader Peace Plan in Place

By Thomas
October 21, 2023

While focusing on fostering Israeli restraint in an all-out Israeli invasion of Gaza, the Biden Administration has failed to come forward with any plans for a broader permanent peace accord that includes the Palestinians in the West Bank as well as Gaza. Palestinians have noted Biden’s failure to address Netanyahu’s support of the expansion of Israeli settlements on the West Bank, even though Netanyahu’s policy is in direct defiance of U.S. policy that opposes expansion.  That expansion is a barrier to even getting peace talks going, much less reaching a permanent accord.

New York Times columnist and Middle East Expert Thomas Friedman addresses the issue head-on in his October 19 column, declaring that "Israel Is About to Make a Terrible Mistake.” His summary statement:

“I believe that if Israel rushes headlong into Gaza now to destroy Hamas — and does so without expressing a clear commitment to seek a two-state solution with the Palestinian Authority and end Jewish settlements deep in the West Bank — it will be making a grave mistake that will be devastating for Israeli interests and American interests.”

IndieDems agree 100 percent with Friedman's assessment.


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