Trump’s Litany of Lies and Racism Nakedly Revealed. GA Republicans Approve It All

Georgia Republicans Johnny Isakson and David Perdue; Reps. Barry Loudermilk and Karen Handel; and gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp has given their stamp of approval to all you read on these pages.

President Donald Trump’s speeches during the final weeks of the 2018 midterm elections established an irrefutable fact: Trump and his Republican followers are overtly committed to a racist, xenophobic, misogynist, nativist, ethno-nationalist agenda, and will use lies, fearmongering, race-baiting, and demagoguery to advance that agenda.

Trump stokes resentment toward minorities. Republicans just smile.

Trump ratchets up racially divisive messages in a bid to rally support in the midterms

  • President Trump, joined by many Republican candidates, is dramatically escalating his efforts to take advantage of racial divisions and cultural fears in the final days of the midterm campaign, part of an overt attempt to rally white supporters to the polls and preserve the GOP’s congressional majorities.
  • On November 1, Trump ratcheted up the anti-immigrant rhetoric…by portraying a migrant caravan, consisting mostly of families traveling on foot, as a dangerous ‘invasion’ and suggesting that if any migrants throw rocks they could be shot by the troops that he has deployed at the border.
  • The president also vowed to take action next week to construct massive tent cities aimed at holding migrants indefinitely and making it more difficult for them to remain in the country.

Trump deploys the fascist playbook for the midterms
By Ishaan Tharoor

  • …in the final stretch before next week’s midterm election, the president and his allies have launched a blitzkrieg of misinformation.
  • This overt turn toward white nationalism is perhaps the dominant theme of Trump’s time in office.

Trump and Republicans settle on fear — and falsehoods — as a midterm strategy

The GOP has become the party of fake news and paranoid fantasies
By Fareed Zakaria

  • Republicans are now becoming the party not of Trump but of Joseph McCarthy, the Wisconsin senator who in the 1950s accused the State Department of treason, called George Marshall — head of the Army during World War II, later secretary of state and defense — a traitor, and implied that the American government was being secretly run by the Kremlin.
  • The Republican Party today has become a vast repository of conspiracy theories, fake news, false accusations and paranoid fantasies.
  • In his riveting book “Fantasyland: How America Went Haywire,” Kurt Andersen describes the mountain of conspiracy theories spouted by Republicans these days — about the United Nations, vaccines, gun control and sharia law, among other topics.
  • Republicans are now squarely the party of McCarthy, and until that cancer is excised, they should not be entrusted with power.

Trump’s new immigration ad was panned as racist. Turns out it was also based on a falsehood.

Trump did not invent American bigotry. But new books argue that he released it – and he has no incentive to extinguish it.
By Carlos Lozada

  • The book  “Identity Crisis” shows how Trump won support by activating long-standing sentiments surrounding race, immigration and religion.
  • In “The Forgotten,” journalist Ben Bradlee Jr. details how contempt for Washington, a perceived loss of dignity and fear of immigrants helped Trump win over white voters in a key Pennsylvania county.
  • And in “Cyberwar,” communications scholar Kathleen Hall Jamieson argues that Russian trolls’ efforts to “activate the Trump vote” were designed to increase animosity toward Latin American immigrants and Muslims as well as deepen worries about civil unrest.

Like his lies, Trump’s racist comments don’t surprise, but they should be counted

Trump is responsible for the descent into thuggery
By Jennifer Rubin

Trump’s Leninist midterm pitch

  • The president of the United States is making his closing argument for next Tuesday’s midterm elections: Vote for the GOP because the Democratic Party places the good of illegal immigrants, many of whom are cop-killing sociopaths, ahead of the good of the country and the American people.
  • This is an almost comically tendentious and radioactively nativist message. But that’s where President Trump has taken the GOP: away from acting like a small-d democratic party and instead embracing the tactics of a Leninist vanguard party.

Trump Closes Out a Campaign Built on Fear, Anger and Division

…an us-against-them midterm election campaign that was built on dark themes of fear, nationalism and racial animosity

All the ugliness of the Trump campaign is on display in Georgia

The wolves of hate are loose. No one is safe. By Melissa Fay Greene

Melissa Fay Greene is the author of “The Temple Bombing,” about the 1958 bombing of the Hebrew Benevolent Congregation in Atlanta, and other books.

We have no excuses now. Our eyes are wide open.
By Dana Milbank

(Excerpt: 6 of the 21 specific charges made by Milbank)

Now, all Americans have seen the results with their own eyes:

  • Trump defended neo-Nazis who marched in Charlottesville.
  • He oversaw a policy separating young children from their parents and warehoused the kids at the border, including some who have yet to be reunited.
  • He took Vladi­mir Putin’s word over that of the U.S. intelligence community, accepting Russia’s denial that it interfered in our election.
  • He lied about hush money paid to an adult-film actress, as recounted in a guilty plea by the lawyer who arranged the payment
  • He has released an unending stream of invective on Twitter and in speeches, often in vulgar and misogynistic terms.
  • He insulted John McCain after the Arizona senator’s death, initially not ordering flags to be flown at half-staff.
More Trump Lies Given a Stamp of Aproval by Isakson, Perdue, Loudermilk, Handel, & Kemp

Unmoored from reality, Trump has:

  • Made the patently false promise of a quick 10 percent tax cut for the middle class
  • Promised to issue a flatly unconstitutional executive order to end the 14th Amendment’s birthright citizenship.
  • Propagated the baseless conspiracy theory that the caravan making its way up Central
  • Repeatedly cast the migrants as “bad thugs” and criminals while asserting without evidence that the caravan contains “unknown Middle Easterners” — apparently meant to suggest there are terrorists mixed in with the families fleeing violence.

Trump’s flood of misinformation has swelled to epic proportions in recent weeks. In the seven weeks leading up to the election, the president made 1,419 false or misleading claims, an average of 30 a day. That compares with 1,318 false or misleading claims during the first nine months of his presidency, an average of five a day.

Each of Trump’s rallies usually yields 35 to 45 suspect claims, which he has repeated in media appearances, according to The Fact Checker analysis.

(Click here for eight other racist statements by Trump directed at blacks—not including Hispanics and Muslims)

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