The Great Divide: Majority vs. Minority

The Washington Post recently published this commentary by Greg Sargent:

Opinion: How the coming war over infrastructure will reveal even deeper divisions

IndieDems Comment:

I’m stunned stunned that even Greg Sargent glosses over the real divide between Republicans and Democrats, by ignoring the reality behind the division between rural and urban America: it’s a division between the overwhelming majority of Americans who live in urban areas and the much smaller and dwindling minority who live in rural areas. And behind that is the even more riveting reality: the American economy is located in the urban areas, not in the rural ones. It’s the GDP created in the urban, blue states that makes the U.S. a world class economic power.

One more difference: the blue urban states pay more money into the federal treasury than they get back in benefits. The red states get back more in benefits than they pay in taxes. In short: the red sates are the welfare queens of America. The red states live on the government dole.

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