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By barkstm / June 15, 2018

Taxpayer-subsidized GA Sports Complex Files for Bankruptcy

Once more, the promises of the economic miracle that will result from taxpayer-subsidized businesses proves to be false. Bankruptcy means...

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Conservatives, Religion
By barkstm / June 11, 2018

Leader’s Disgrace Deals Heavy Blow to Southern Baptists

The Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary on May 30 fired its long-time President, Paige Patterson, for allegedly lying about and mishandling...

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By barkstm / June 2, 2018

The Republican Sewer Deepens, cont.

Michael Gerson, former George W. Bush speechwriter and one of the few true conservative voices left in the Republican Party,...

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By barkstm / June 2, 2018

America’s Leading Republican Yahoo (i.e., Trumpist) Strikes Again

IndieDems note: Gary Abernathy is a contributing columnist for The Washington Post and publisher and editor of the (Hillsboro, Ohio)...

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Georgia, Religion
By barkstm / June 2, 2018

The Word that Won the National Spelling Bee has Georgia Connection

AJC: Koinonia is a Winning Spelling Bee Word with Georgia Connections You will also be galvanized by a book written...

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By barkstm / June 1, 2018

Georgia’s U.S. Senators Isakson and Perdue Swim Happily in Trump’s Sewer

The chaos, lies, incompetence, and corruption of the Trump Administration are now so glaringly evident, it's useless to even try...

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By barkstm / May 29, 2018

“Trump Exposes the Hypocrisy of Christian Republicans”

Editor's note: Once more, we turn to Republican/conservative columnists to make the most telling case against Trump and the deluded...

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By barkstm / May 17, 2018

GA Republicans Unmoved by Trump Staffer’s Atrocious McCain Remark

Well, good golly. Miss Molly. Republicans have repeated their by now classic Republican Hypocrite response to the latest Trumpist assault...

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Conservatives, Georgia, Republicans
By barkstm / May 15, 2018

Video Watch Party Spotlights Abuses at GA Immigration Detention Center

Event: Carolyn Hadaway’s Monthly Video Watch Party Date: Thursday, May 24 Time: 6:30pm – 9:00pm Place: Private home near the...

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Conservatives, Georgia, Republicans, Trump
By barkstm / May 14, 2018

Georgia Republicans Firmly in Ranks of Tut-tut Republicans

Headline: Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) blasts White House aide’s McCain remark as ‘pretty disgusting thing to say’ IndieDems Comment: The...

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