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By barkstm / May 20, 2021

Jody Hice, in pitch to become GA secretary of state, spreads election falsehoods

We've become accustomed to it, haven't we? No matter how deep into the muck and mire some Republican has crawled,...

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By barkstm / May 19, 2021

Spiraling Republican Extremism Under Trump Has Strong Historical Precedent

You would think that a former president who invented the Hitler-level Big Lie that massive fraud distorted the 2020 elections,...

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By barkstm / May 12, 2021

Breaking News

See Georgia Elections 2022: A Primer for a quick overview of who's running for what in Georgia's 2022 campaigns. Some...

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By barkstm / May 11, 2021

Is the Georgia GOP Nothing But a Lap Dog for Trump–and Corporate Bribes?

How could anyone even suggest such a thing? Why, just look at GA Republicans latest act in service to public...

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By barkstm / May 7, 2021

Catholic Hypocrisy on Steroids. (They’re not Alone)

The Washington Post reports:Pelosi’s archbishop says prominent Catholics who support abortion rights should be denied Communion IndieDems Comment: Catholics can...

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By barkstm / May 7, 2021

Rick Santorum: The Loud Sound of Tinkling Brass

For reasons that defy common sense, logic, and the scientific method, CNN has hired the washed-up former Senator Rick Santorum--AKA,...

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By barkstm / May 5, 2021

Georgia Cleric Rebukes Republican Defender of New Electoral Law

Last week Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) delivered the Republican response to President Biden’s speech to Congress. Scott’s extremely partisan words...

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By barkstm / May 3, 2021

The Republican Party Plunges Toward Oblivion

This report, by itself, shows the essence of why the Republican Party is headed toward obsolescence: For Republicans, fealty to...

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By barkstm / April 23, 2021

Georgia Elections 2022: A Primer

Get ready for the 2022 elections in Georgia Basic information on your personal registration, voter status:Georgia My Voter Page More...

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By barkstm / April 21, 2021

Trump’s Baleful Influence Prompts Prominent Female Evangelical to Leave So. Baptist Convention

For nearly three decades, Beth Moore has been a powerful voice of the Southern Baptist Convention’s evangelical message. Her Bible...

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