It’s Not Just Trump; It’s Republicans

It’s time we stopped focusing on Trump as the fountainhead of the incompetence, ignorance, and chaos that permeates the U.S. Government. It’s Republicans—pretty well the whole damn lot of them—who created and sustain the disaster our government and politics have become.

Republicans, with eyes wide open, put Donald Trump in the White House, and Republicans, with eyes wide open, keep him there.

Republicans know full well the successive words of Trump from January through March in which he downplayed the Coronavirus threat and stated over and over that it was under control.

Republicans know as well as the rest of us that Trump’s abandonment of leadership produced the disaster we now face and resulted in the unnecessary deaths of thousands—more likely, tens of thousands—of Americans.

Republicans have observed like the rest of us the chaos, mismanagement, and factional infighting at the highest levels of the Administration that magnified our vulnerabilities to Covid-19.

Republicans know that Trump is a pathological liar who said he had “no responsibility” for what was happening and is now looking for scapegoats to hide his own miserable performance.

Republicans know that Trump’s claim of “full authority” rips the Constitution to shreds.

Republicans know all of this. What is their reaction? They support this incompetent boob more than ever and will work their tails off to get him re-elected so Americans can suffer four additional years of hapless leadership at the hands of the most corrupt Administration in our history. There’s is something wrong with Republicans.

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