“Why Millennials Are Skipping Church and not Going Back”

Washington Post analysis, October 28, 2019

Why millennials are skipping church and not going back
IndieDems Comment:

  I thought Ms. Emba was presenting an excellent overview of organized religion in America—until I got to the last paragraph. I was dumbfounded to to see someone who has presented such an objective analysis of religious trends end up employing the hackneyed gobbledygook of organized religion’s spokespersons as a summing up. She, like they, proclaims that the only path to true salvation is to attend church on Sunday: “If we’re closing the church doors behind us, we’ll have to find somewhere else to tend to our spirits — and our hearts.”

Ms. Emba, have you truly missed the message at the heart of what you wrote? Millennials are not turning their backs on the basic principles of religion. Millennials continue to nurture their spiritual values. They re turning their backs on the hypocrites who head the organized religions who profess to represent those principles. They just don’t believe they’ll find those values by sitting every Sunday among hypocrites while the chief hypocrite stands in the pulpit and delivers another sermon praising the values that few in the audience actually live by.

And the millennials’ outlook has been overwhelmingly reinforced by seeing those putative Christians fervently supporting a President who lives every day in total contempt of God’s 10 Commandments and Jesus’ Golden Rule—and common human decency.

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