Why Is the Justice Department Ignoring Trump’s Criminal Acts to Destroy Democracy?

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The fecklessness Attorney General Garland and the Justice Department have shown in dealing with Trump’s publicly revealed criminal acts is a stunning indictment of our legal justice system. IndieDems will not waste its time setting the stage for our analysis by going a detailed accounting of what we mean by “criminal acts.” The media headlines for the past year spell it all out. The information brought before the public by the January 6 Committee during the past two months or so, by itself, provides the irrefutable proof that Trump and his henchmen made a herculean, multi-faceted effort to stage a coup to prevent the lawfully elected Biden Administration from assuming office.

The wrongdoing continues as Trump and his lackeys use the Big Lie about voter fraud and stolen elections to try to undermine the electoral process and allow him and his cohorts to assume office without winning elections.  

State and local prosecutors have picked up some of the slack left by the Justice Department.

  • The New York Attorney General and the Manhattan District Attorney are pursuing separate but related criminal probes of Trump’s financial affairs.
  • In Georgia, a county prosecutor is conducting a criminal investigation into Trump’s alleged attempts to interfere in the state’s presidential vote count.  

AG Garland’s prosecutorial bumbling has made a travesty of the rule of law. After one year, each day that goes by with no formal federal investigation of Trump makes the legal system look like a feckless mess. What the hell have our law schools taught this generation of lawyers? It’s as if we woke up one morning and discovered our engineers never learned algebra.

90 percent of adult Americans have said to themselves in recent weeks: “If I were caught doing what Trump/Flynn/Giuliani/Meadows have been caught doing, the FBI would have been on my case in a flash. I’d probably already be tried and convicted.”

It’s not just the question of prosecuting Trump. It’s the credibility of our legal system and the sanctity of the rule of law that are being trashed here.

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