Why Democrats Are Having a Good Day

Republicans are having a field day celebrating their success in getting Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court. Some even accuse Democrats of needing a shoulder to cry on.

My. What inflated nonsense. We Democrats know that Hillary got 3 million more votes than Trump, and his approval rating for 21 months has hovered around 40 percent at most. Plus, Obamacare is more popular today than when Donald took office, as Americans began to understand what Republicans actually stand for.

We Democrats have not committed the anti-Christian act of locking up kidnapped children in tent cities. We Democrats are proud to be the antithesis of Paul Manafort, Michael Cohen, Mike Flynn, Rick Gates, George Papadopoulos, Scott Pruitt, Tom Price, and Ben “Furniture Guy” Carson. Democrats have not attended a trump Tower meeting with Russians bent on subverting our electoral system.

We Democrats are not in love with Kim Jong Un and Vladimir Putin. We don’t have an urge to touch women’s private parts, much less brag about it. Or call a female a dog. We are happy to see our opponents double down on proving how anti-Christian and out of touch with basic American values they really are.

Outrageous Republican gerrymandering has created monstrous voting districts that give them a massively disproportionate amount of power that skews the popular will. Democrats as a whole get many more votes than Republicans in Congressional voting.

But Trumpists believe it’s the “leftists” who are failing? Please, keep dreaming.

Why do we Democrats need a shoulder to cry on? Are Republicans familiar with the phenomenon known as projection?

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