Why Courting Republicans Is So Hard

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I’m a Democrat and avid supporter of Joe Biden. I fervently pray that his appeals for unity bear fruit. But—I’m not sure how to compromise with Republicans whose words & deeds over five years—and their continued worship of Donald Trump—have proven they:
-Accept lying as a way of life.
-Have no problem with Trump’s inciting his followers to violence and the resulting criminal invasion of the Capitol
-Approve Trump’s massive effort to overrule the results of a democratic election by telling lies about massive fraud
-Approve Senators & Representatives role in that flagrantly anti-democratic act by attempting to subvert the approval of the lawful electoral college results
-Approve Trump’s last-gasp pardon of criminals just to satisfy his personal whims
-Approve Trump’s do-nothing coronavirus policies that have resulted in unnecessary deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans and intense suffering for thousands more
-Continue to approve Trump’s racism and xenophobia
-Still have no problem with Trump’s bragging about sexually assaulting women and calling them fat, ugly, horse-faced, Miss Piggy, bimbo, and dog.

It’s not that I like controversy. I am just genuinely baffled as to how to compromise with Republicans who lack a moral conscience, have no empathy for anyone not like them, trample underfoot God’s 10 Commandments, Jesus’ Golden Rule, and common human decency, and consider using lies, demagoguery, libel, slander, and insults as normal.

There’s a new feature about the Republican Party that causes me to demur on cozying up to Republicans:

Republicans support Trump’s initiative to embrace the crackpot QAnon as an ally of the Republican Party, as shown by his praising the avowed QAnon disciple (and racist) Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), campaigning in her district twice in two months, and applauding her election to Congress. QAnon followers were key players in the Capitol invasion, and Trump used their lies about alleged fraud in the presidential election in his phone call to the GA SECSTATE bullying him to illegally change the election results in GA.

I am unwilling to give legitimacy to the Republicans’ courting of QAnon by cozying up to them.


Biden will offer ‘unity’ and healing. But first we need the truth.



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