“What’s Wrong with Georgia’s Planned New Voting System?”

IndieDems Note: The following report was submitted to IndieDems by Garland Favorito, head of VoterGA, an independent watchdog group concerned about Georgia’s flawed electoral system.

What’s Wrong with Georgia’s Planned New Voting System?
  • Did you know that election results from Georgia’s planned new system will be 100 % unverifiable to the voter?
  • Did you know why there are two pending U.S. District lawsuits in Georgia to ban the planned new voting system?
  • Do you know why the system that Georgia is purchasing was rejected in Texas and is being banned Colorado?
  • Did you know that Georgia’s planned new system does not produce real ballots?
  • Do you know why nearly all top computer scientists and election integrity advocates contend that Georgia’s planned new system is unsecure?
  • Would you like to learn how Georgia’s planned new system can be hacked without detection?
  • Did you know why the inventor of Risk Limiting Audits Georgia will implement informed officials the procedures cannot meaningfully audit Georgia BMDs?
  • Did you know that no State Senate, State House, judicial, local or non-partisan races will be audited?
  • Did you know that Georgia instituted a 20 year bond to pay for an expensive system with a 10 year shelf life?
  • Do you know how Georgia could have acquired a more secure system and saved over $100 million dollars?

Find out more about these topics and VoterGA’s new study: “Unresolved Security Threats in Ballot Marking Devices”

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