What the Pro-Kavanaugh Cabal Ignored

The flawed, circumscribed, and almost worthless FBI “investigation” received wide publicity. The other factors Republicans ignored in order to make Kavanaugh a Supreme Court Justice:

—Kavanaugh’s lies to the Judiciary Committee about his drinking and comportment as a young man
—His lie about his references to Renate in his yearbook being innocent fun, devoid of sexual content, and his debased character for writing them
—The statement by Renate herself about how hurtful his words were
—Kavanaugh’s unqualified declaration of being a committed right-wing zealot in his last speech
—The call for a no-vote by Kavanaugh’s former college drinking partners
—The petition calling for “No” signed by, I believe, thousands of legal professionals
—Former SC Justice Stephens’ call for a no-vote
—Trump’s outrageous speech mocking Ford. Nothing better revealed the true hearts and souls of Kavanaugh’s Republican supporters. Collins’ silence amounts to de facto endorsement.
—The speeches by McConnell, Grassley, and other GOP Senators calling for a yes vote. They sounded as if Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby, Matt Lauer, Kevin Spacey, Al Franken, Moonves, etc., etc. never existed.

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