Turning Workers into Robots

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From the Washington Post: Contract lawyers face a growing invasion of surveillance programs that monitor their work


“But for Anidi and other lawyers, they serve as a dehumanizing reminder that every second of their workday is rigorously probed and analyzed: After verifying their identity, the software judges their level of attention or distraction and kicks them out of their work networks if the system thinks they’re not focused enough.”
“Camille Anidi, an attorney on Long Island, quickly understood the flaws of the facial recognition software her employers demanded she use when working from home. The system often failed to recognize her face or mistook the Bantu knots in her hair as unauthorized recording devices, forcing her to log back in sometimes more than 25 times a day.”

IndieDems Comment:

This system dehumanizes and demeans workers, period. This is like something out of a Kafka novel about a totalitarian regime run amok. I tried to imagine myself diligently trying to do a day’s work for a day’s pay under this system. It would be impossible. I couldn’t even lean back in my chair occasionally? Impossible.

Tell me why a company hiring contract employees working for home could not come up with an algorithm that establishes a baseline of daily productivity, then measure each employee by that standard. Those not performing up to par could have a counseling session to see what the problem might be. The company would still have the option of firing the employee at any time. Workers would be paid by the day, not by the hour.

The workers would have more flexibility to get the work done. They could take as many breaks as the want and continue working into the night, as long as they got the job done. 

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