Trump’s Montana Speech Gains Force as Emblematic of His Moral & Intellectual Bankruptcy

Trump’s Montana speech on July 5 is increasingly viewed as a watershed in establishing beyond a doubt that he is a mentally and psychologically disturbed human being.  (See also: “GA GOP Congressional Delegations Sink Deeper into Trump’s Sewer”) The speech showed someone who is simply unhinged. It no longer suffices to say he’s done it all before, or it’s Trump being Trump. Yes, you can make a point-by-point defense of that proposition, but there are specific events that can bring into perfect focus the evidence that has been accumulating all along.  Trump’s Montana speech is that event.

Along the lines of Captain Queeg’s testimony in the court martial trial in the famous book and movie “The Caine Mutiny.” The acts he took that led his officers to mutiny had already taken place. but it took the trial and his testimony to put it all in perspective and lay the blame where it needed to be placed.

If our Constitutional system was working the way it should, the speech would have given his Vice President and Cabinet the incentive to invoke the 25th Amendment and remove him from office. But of course, the Republican Party is even more of a burnt-out case than Trump. And the miserable cowards Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell have led their sheep in abandoning any semblance of Congressional oversight.

The reputations of Georgia’s own Johnny Isakson, David Perdue, Barry Loudermilk, Karen Handel, and their staffs plummet ever downward every minute they remain the slavish lap dog supporters of Trump despite his incompetence and moral depravity.

The only hope for our Republic is the November elections. I can only hope enough normal Americans and even many Republicans will listen to the voices of respected conservatives who have joined the opposition–or even bolted the GOP–and join with Democrats in giving Democrats control of the House. Followed two years later with a new President and a new Senate.

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