Trump’s Mirror Imaging of Hitler Gains Force

Donald Trump and The Republicans’ mirror imaging of Hitler and the Nazis gains force daily. Hourly, in fact. Trump’s congenital lying, by itself, puts him on a par with Hitler. His character assassination of Ambassador Yovanovitch reinforces the Hitler equivalence he plainly demonstrated by inciting his followers to violence—both actions right out of the fascist playbook.

The Republicans mirror-image the Germans who screamed their approval of a deranged, immoral leader by continuing to worship a president who every day shows contempt for God’s 10 Commandments, Jesus’ Golden Rule, and common human decency. In fact, they want to re-elect this demagogic liar, racist, and xenophobe. The Republican Party today stands for exactly what the Nazi Party stood for in the 1930s. Trump talks about immigrants the way Hitler talked about the Jews. Stephen Miller is a perfect incarnation of Joseph Goebbels. Or Joe McCarthy.

And to those who will declare that comparing Trump to Hitler goes too far, contemplate this. The year 2019 is the third year of Trump’s reign. The year 1935 was the third year of Hitler’s reign. Inform yourself of what Adolf Hitler was doing in 1935. He was not some mad dog holed up in a bunker. He was the respected Chancellor of Germany, treated as such by Germans and the world. He was revered for having restored the German economy to prosperity and Germany’s prestige on the international scene. And he had put an end to petty political wrangling by stuffing out just about any vestige of democracy. Hitler’s lies, treatment of the Jews, and plainly declared intention of going to war some day? Why give a damn?

What better description of Trump and the Republicans could we have?

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