Trump’s Media Enablers

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Americans went to the polls in November and kicked Donald Trump out of the White House. They saw the results of four years of rule by Donald Trump & Mitch McConnell’s Republicans:
-Americans dying by the hundreds of thousands from an out-of-control pandemic
-The COVID-19 vaccination operation in total shambles & vaccine stocks on empty
-Our political system reeling from a violent insurrection, with predictions of worse to follow
-The nation’s capital city turned into an armed camp in order to ensure an inauguration resulted in a peaceful transfer of power

And the above is just the tip of the Republican iceberg at the top of much more, e.g., the deep seated and endemic flaws in our health care system revealed by the pandemic crisis, the frightening depths of racism and xenophobia unearthed by the Trumpists and the Republican Party’s willingness to exploit those dark sentiments to the fullest.

So why does Donald Trump still wield such enormous clout in the Republican Party?  No doubt it reflects some combination of ignorance, stupidity, and selfishness on the part of Republicans, plus the willingness of GOP politicians to pander to that debased mentality.

But the mainstream media shares some of the blame–and that includes MSM that have a reputation of being anti-Trump, like CNN, MSNBC, & the Washington Post. For whatever reason, they continue to treat Trump as normal and publish pro-Trump apologia.

A recent example is a column by Hugh Hewitt in the Post. Hewitt looks out and sees broad sunlit uplands all around—with Mitch McConnell as the hero building on Trump’s legacy to lead us to greater glory.

I know I will get nowhere pointing out the gross misjudgment of the Washington Post in giving such prominence to one of the leading voices of white supremacist Americans. Maybe the Post’s publisher and editors believe it’s only fair to allow the opinion of Republican conservative wealthy “Christian” white males to be heard, at a time when their corruption, incompetence, racism, and xenophobia becomes more nakedly displayed even as their ability to win fair elections fades.

For the record, publishing Hugh Hewitt is closely akin to giving op-Ed space in about 1970 to the last of the rabid segregationists like Lester Maddox or Orville Faubus, even as history ushers them off the stage. Or more apropos, akin to allowing Joseph Goebbels to write another Hitler apologia as the Russian troops close in in the bunker.

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