Trump’s Legacy: Republican Bad Manners in the Gutter

News story:

A Cape Cod ice cream shop reopened — and faced harassment so bad one staffer quit

Comment: I never even buy a lottery ticket, but if the truth could be known, I would lay bets that the people engaging in this outrageous bad behavior are Republicans. You know, the people who avidly support a President for whom vulgarity and bad manners are a way of life. The Republicans whose president has

—Bragged about sexually assaulting women and called then bimbo,fat, ugly, Miss Piggy, and dog
—Mocked a handicapped person
—Constantly spewed invective, insults, slander, and libel
—Conducted a smear campaign against Amb. Marie Yovanovitch
—Just recently, referred to the people who legitimately prosecuted Michael Flynn as human scum
—Made racist statements, like saying Hispanic migrants are animals and telling Congresswomen of color to go back where they came from
—Proven himself to be a pathological liar

The above, of course, just a small sample of Trump’s assault on common human decency. For Republicans who give their stamp of approval to all this, atrociously bad behavior in an ice cream parlor is small potatoes.

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