Trump’s anti-Mueller Tirade Is an Attack on Rule of Law

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Trump blasts Mueller probe as ‘attack on our country’

IndieDems Comment: Trump’s tirade yesterday was a brutal, frontal assault on the Constitution and the rule of law. He came across as a bullying thug, a tin pot third-world dictator threatening to take criminal and extra-legal actions against his democracy-supporting opponents. Every person Trump denounced has acted in strict accordance with the rule of law in their investigation of alleged wrongdoing. Mueller, the Justice Department and the New York federal prosecutors, in particular, dotted every legal “I” and crossed every legal “T” in executing the search warrants against Cohen.

While these respected officials, known for their probity, have acted as decent, law abiding Americans, the known facts show that Trump and his minions have sunk deeper and deeper into a cesspool of criminality, corruption, and contempt for America’s basic moral and democratic values, for God’s Commandments, and for common human decency. Trump does more than just admire Vladimir Putin. He follows him as a role model and is attempting to turn America into a into a copy of Putin’s kleptocracy.

The Republican Party is fully complicit in Trump’s democracy-destroying deeds. The Republican Party has ceased to exist as an instrument for advancing America’s democratic ideals. It has become an instrument to further the corruption, malfeasance, and incompetence of Donald Trump’s Administration. Republicans are betraying their country worse than the McCarthyites and Watergate malefactors ever did.

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