Trump Lap Dog Nikki Haley: Hypocrite of Hypocrites

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Twice in recent months the Washington Post has published op-ed columns by Nikki Haley, who served two years as Donald Trump’s United Nations Ambassador. On August 21: America must not recognize the Taliban. On October 19: If Biden won’t fight China’s importing of Iranian oil, Congress should.

IndieDems Comment:

This fulfilled IndieDems predictions since her resignation in from the UN post in 2018 that Haley, who has presidential ambitions, would periodically surface as a foreign policy expert while largely avoiding involvement in controversial issues like Trump’s use of the Big Lie about voter fraud to lay the foundation to steal the 2022 and 2024 elections, Covid-19 policies, Congressional bills on infrastructure and social welfare, and global warming.

What a travesty of journalism—an example of the busted, Inside-the-Beltway culture on steroids—for the Washington Post to give op-Ed space to Nikki Haley. The sole claim of this South Carolina politician to foreign policy credentials is to have spent two (2) years as Donald Trump’s mouthpiece serving as his ambassador to the United Nations. But her sparse foreign policy expertise is the least of her flaws. 

Nikki Haley for the past five years has been one of Donald Trump’s most outspoken and loyal lap dogs. Her judgment has been permanently sullied. She has condoned & tolerated every one of the 30,000+ lies he told as President and every one of his racist, xenophobic, misogynistic policies. Did Trump incite his followers to violence? Attempt to blackmail the Ukrainian president into taking illegal acts to smear Biden’s reputation? Join with Rudolf Giuliani in launching a viscous campaign of character assassination against Amb. Yovanovitch?  Tell Congresswomen of color to go back where they came from? Call African countries s—tholes? No problem, says Nikki Haley.

Are her words on China and Afghanistan the same as her praise of someone who bragged about sexually assaulting women and called them fat, ugly, Miss Piggy, bimbo, and dog? Her fervent support for the President who first downplayed the pandemic threat and spent a solid year adhering to a do-nothing policy to deal with the scourge? Her hero who stood at the White House podium and advocated crackpot remedies for COVID-19? Who also:

  • Incited a mob attack on the Capitol
  • Mocked the handicapped
  • Demeaned the military service of John McCain
  • Called American servicemen “suckers” for their service
  • Told Congresswomen of color to go back where they came from

Nikki Haley wants to restore the Trump who did all that to the White House. Why would any decent American listen to her?

Nikki Haley’s political career rests solely on her remaining a Trump lap dog, no matter how much of a criminal he becomes and how far into the political gutter he descends. By giving her op-Ed space, the Post lends credibility to the anti-democratic, neo-fascist Trump political cult the Republican Party has become.

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