Trump is Vladimir Putin’s Prime Asset

Vladimir Putin years ago looked at Trump and said, why should I pay for something I can get for free? Donald Trump today is a living breathing asset of Putin, a volunteer puppet of the Russian thug. Trump’s policies toward Russia are everything a Russian leader could hope for. Trump is destroying NATO from within, alienating America’s chief allies, and destroying U.S. prestige abroad. The results are a bonanza for Russia, whether Trump is doing it voluntarily, or being paid or blackmailed.

But the real payoff for Putin is Trump’s turning a blind eye to Russia’s cyber war against the U.S., with American elections the chief target. Trump has done nothing to counter the Russian onslaught. But more, Trump is demeaning and undermining U.S. intelligence services in the process. The KGB at its zenith never came close to wreaking the damage on our intelligence services that Trump has inflicted.

Trump’s role as a Putin puppet was boldly displayed by his publicly accepting the word of Putin over U.S intelligence services about Russian interference in our 2016 elections and his obsequious kowtowing to Putin in their Helsinki press conference.

The cherry on Putin’s cake came when Trump in a meeting with Russian officials in the White House blabbed to them information from a super-sensitive classified report. No recruited American agent could better serve Russia.

Finally, Trump overrode his intelligence professionals and gave Jared Kushner an undeserved security clearance. Putin‘s Eye’s must have lit up with delight when he heard the news.

Trump’s words and deeds daily serve Putin’s goals.

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