“Trump Is Mentally Unfit, No Exam Needed”

//Let it never be forgot. It’s the Republican Party, not just Donald Trump, that is waging a savage war against every principle and value America is supposed to stand for.//

The New York Times, October 11, 2019:

Three mental health professionals who contributed to “The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump” cite recent actions that confirm their worries.

IndieDems Comment:

I have said for a long time: if your grandmother started ranting like Donald Trump, or started showing the same incompetence and mismanagement in her financial affairs that Trump has shown in mismanaging the pandemic and the presidency in general, or told you that she believed ingesting disinfectant would cure her arthritis, or started telling one bald-faced lie after another—you would realize you had no choice but to take away her car keys and make sure some responsible adult had power of attorney over her affairs.

But Trump does the equivalent of all the above, and Republicans not only tolerate it, they give it their stamp of approval by supporting his re-election. The Republican Party has become so morally and intellectually corrupt, we have no choice but to abolish it, like we abolished slavery and segregation. No choice.

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