“Trump As the ‘Second Coming’ Is Blasphemous”

//A prominent evangelist scores the hypocrisy in the movement’s support for Trump//

On August 21, President Trump re-tweeted a message posted by Wayne Allyn Root, a right-wing radio host known for being a conspiracy theorist who has said Obama is a secret gay Muslim; George Soros paid to have someone killed: the Las Vegas shooting was done by Muslims; and Robert Mueller was motivated by ‘penis envy’.

Trump thanked Root for saying: “President Trump is the greatest President (in history) for Jews and for Israel in the history of the world…the Jewish people in Israel love him like he’s the King of Israel…like he is the second coming of God.”

In a follow-up press conference, Trump, when asked a question about his trade war with China, raised his open arms to the sky, looked up, and said: “I am the chosen one.  Somebody had to do it.”

This was all too much for Jay Lowder, a prominent evangelist and founder of Jay Lowder Harvest Ministries, based in Wichita Falls, Tex. He wrote an eye-opening op-ed for the Washington Post: I’m an evangelist and a Trump voter. But Trump as the ‘second coming of God’ is blasphemous. Excerpts: 

  • The Bible, especially in Isaiah 44:6, makes it clear: “the description of Trump as ‘the second coming of God” shocking, blasphemous and sacrilegious.”
  • “The silence from my fellow evangelicals…is deafening. Many of them refuse to call out moral failures on the right that they have so vehemently attacked on the left.”
  • Evangelicals “have come to incorrectly believe that any critique of Trump only serves to promote the party on the left.”
  • “Christians cannot proclaim their morals, family values and faith, then sit down when such values are tainted and misrepresented by the very leaders we say we support.”
  • “I find it increasingly obvious that many people legitimately see evangelicals as hypocrites…because too often, we dismiss or excuse every indiscretion of the president by approving his other accomplishments.”
  • Evangelicals must “denounce Trump’s blatantly egregious actions, including…his consistently negative interactions and dialogue with people of different races, genders and ethnicities.”

In closing, Lowder urged evangelicals to apply the same standards toward all political persuasions in determining what acts to condemn.

“Otherwise, we will continue to lose credibility and display a polluted brand of Christianity that is word without deed — completely unlike that of the true Messiah we claim to follow.”

IndieDems Comment:

We are pleased that people with a real claim to be Christians are beginning to condemn the massive hypocrisy shown by so-called Christians in avidly supporting Donald Trump. Trump in his unapologetic serial lying and serial adultery has shown nothing but contempt for God’s 10 Commandments. His slanderous, insulting, racist, and xenophobic tweets and public utterances are as far removed as you can get from Jesus’ Golden Rule, without falling into the same category as Adolph Hitler and the KKK.

IndieDems has been pointing this out since the day Trump announced his presidential bid.

But we expect no miracles to bring about a wholesale re-ordering of the attitudes of pro-Trump Christians. And we predict the rebuking words of real Christians like Jay Lowder will fall on no deafer ears that those of Georgia Republicans, led by the likes of Senators Johnny Isakson and David Perdue and Representative Barry Loudermilk. They are likely to remain firmly in the hypocrites’ column.

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