Trump Apologist Comments on Gen. Milley Flap

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A Washington Post Columnist has little use for Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Milley’s messages to China on possible Trump moves to start a war: Both sides have it wrong about Milley and China

IndieDems Comment:

What another piece of hogwash from the blinkered, inside-the-Capital-beltway crowd. Another know-nothing know-it-all repeats their mantra that supposedly shows their superior knowledge and intellect: everything that’s wrong with America is due to our “hyperpolarized domestic politics.” 

No question, boys and girls. It has nothing to do with one of our political parties falling under the domination of an incompetent, uninformed, anti-intellectual, race-baiting cretin who suffers from an acute case of narcissistic personality disorder. Nothing to do with the FACT that he proved during four years in office that he was totally unfit to be president, demonstrated most dramatically by his first downplaying the threat of a raging pandemic, and then adopting a do-nothing policy toward dealing with it. Irrelevant, says Rogin, that this warped personality delivered over 30,000 false or misleading statements as President, praised murderous dictators like Putin and Kim Jung Un, insulted our allies, displayed flagrant authoritarian tendencies, did nothing about Russian interference in our elections, accepted Putin’s words over our intelligence services, spoke racial and ethnic slurs, incited his followers to violence, bragged about sexually assaulting women, is even now using the Big Lie about election fraud to wage a war against our basic democratic values, and shows absolute contempt for God’s Commandments, Jesus’ Golden Rule, and common human decency.

None of this matters, the ever so sophisticated Rogin tells us. Miley’s actions stemmed from our “hyperpolarized domestic politics”—and his own hubris!

The fact that the Washington Post publishes such drivel is more frightening than Trump himself

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