Trump Apologist Commentator Keeps at It

On November 20, the Washington Post published a column by right-wing columnist Gary Abernathy. The headline told Trump it was time for him to go, but the details in the column were a litany of apologia for Trump and the Republicans’ claims that massive voter fraud had boosted Biden’s margin–or even cheated Trump of victory.

Not surprising, given that Abernathy remained a staunch Trump supporter throughout four years of his presiding over the most corrupt and incompetent Administration in American history, managing along the way to make over 23,000 false or misleading statements,  and wage war on America’s basic moral and democratic values and on common human decency.,

IndieDems comment:

When did Gary Abernathy decide to throw overboard every moral and democratic value America stands for? Trump has presided over the most immoral, corrupt, incompetent Administration in our history. Trump is a morally and intellectually corrupt person, leading a morally and intellectually corrupt Republican Party.

Trump’s most grievous sin, by itself, renders him unfit to be president: his pathological lying. The fact that Abernathy does not believe it’s even worth mentioning tells us everything we need to know his own lack of any moral character.

Trump has vigorously pursued a racist and xenophobic agenda. Abernathy comes across as the pluperfect Republican, conservative, affluent, powerful white male who not only does not give a damn about racism and xenophobia, he applauds Trump’s advocacy of them, by advocating for Trump’s re-election. I would have thought that Trump’s embrace of QAnon would repulse any decent American.

Trump and his Republican minions have spent the almost three weeks since the election waging war against the Constitution, the rule of law, our basic moral and democratic values—and common human decency. Abernathy’s hero Trump has made a mockery of our legal system by bringing court cases that totally lacked any supporting evidence and had no chance to succeed.

In fact, let me sum up who Gary Abernathy really is, his pure heart and soul: Gary Abernathy, in publishing this piece, showed himself to be the absolute clone of Rudy Giuliani speaking total gibberish in a press conference with hair dye streaking down his cheeks. Abernathy and Giuliani, peas in a pod.

Parting shot to the Post editors and publishers: your readers have had it with your publishing propaganda pieces that do nothing but repeat the lies, demagoguery, racism, xenophobia, and misogyny of Donald Trump and his racist, xenophobic, misogynistic followers. You do not treat the Ku Klux Klan as a legitimate voice worthy of op-Ed’s. Why do you grant it to Trump’s racist agenda?

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