Trump and Republicans Cross Over into Outright Racism

Trump over the weekend removed any doubt that racism that is the true guiding force of the Republican anti-American and anti-Christian policies that imprisons thousands of refugee children in wire cages and leaves them there in legal limbo. He did so by telling whopping lies about immigrants’ crime, their numbers, the cost they impose on the United States, and again referred to Senator Elizabeth Warren as “Pocahontas.” He doubled down by employing flagrantly race-baiting language, saying that immigrants come to “infest” America and to “breed” while here.

Trump went even further and trampled the Constitution underfoot by declaring that illegal immigrants should immediately be deported without trial or an appearance before a judge. Lawyers quickly pointed out this would violate the explicit words of the Constitution.

The Reverend Michael Huckabee, prominent Republican and the father of press secretary Sarah Sanders, reinforced the Republican racist message by releasing a photo of MSD-13 gang members and labeling them Nancy Pelosi’s campaign staff.

Wow. That’s as funny as Sarah Huckabee Sanders looking the American people in the eye about five times a week and lying to them. I’ve said for some time, Sarah proves the apple does not fall far from the tree.

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