Trump, McConnell Make Light of Political Murder. More GOP Mayhem.

//Republicans incitement to, and commitment of, violence continues to grow//

At a May rally in Panama City Beach, Fla., Trump delivered his usual lying rant about how the migrants on our southern border were staging an “invasion” of the United States.  He lamented, “How do you stop these people?” A voice from the crowd called out. “Shoot them!”

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The audience laughed and cheered. Trump smiled and joined in the revelry, treating this call for murder as a harmless joke. Shrugging off the suggestion, he quipped, “Only in the Panhandle can you get away with that statement.”

IndieDems will waste no time deconstructing this incident. You either understand it as indicative of the depraved attitude of Trump and his minions, or you don’t. Any average, decent American felt a chill run up their spine. Especially when they remembered that this is the same Trump who, in several of his presidential rallies in 2016, openly incited his followers to violence.

Not  to be outdone, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (“Moscow Mitch”) joined in the hilarity over political assassination–two days after the El  Paso and Dayton massacres:

Mitch McConnell campaign tweets image of tombstone with opponent’s name
Not to be outdone, a McConnell supporter joined in doing what Republican do:
McConnell Supporter Chokes Cutout of Ocasio-Cortez
But wait! There’s more from our super patriots:
GOP leader spends day after mass shootings smearing Democrats with ugly lies about murder
Montana Man Assaults 13-year- old boy for “disrespecting the national anthem”

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