Trump and Johnny Isakson: The Sorry Result of Their Collusion

IndieDems note: The media stories reporting the chaos, corruption, and incompetence of the Trump Administration, and the moral and intellectual corruption of its leader, were coming so fast and furious in recent days, we decided to compile a selective list of them. Let us emphasize: the list not the result of deep Google searches. It’s derived from the front page headlines of the media sources that come across our inbox daily. It is by no means exhaustive. We have to run fast to stay even halfway up to date.
To give recognition where it is due, IndieDems has attached to each article an annotation attributed to Senator Johnny Isakson, giving our interpretation of his likely thinking based on his three years of support for Donald Trump.

A Few Days Headlines on the Chaos, Corruption, and Incompetence of Donald Trump, with Annotations attributed by IndieDems to Senator Johnny Isakson, based on his track record of support for Trump for three years.  

Trump Circumvents Congress to Sell Weapons to Middle East Allies
Congressional oversight, says Johnny Isakson? What the heck is that, and why should I give a damn? 

Trump has shown his contempt for Congress. Will Congress reciprocate?
Why, our fine President is just doing his job, says Isakson. Hey, you can’t make an omelette without breaking some eggs. Together, me and Trump are making America great again! 

Trump vetoes resolution to end U.S. participation in Yemen’s civil war
“The Saudi-led effort, which has targeted civilian facilities and prevented aid shipments from getting to Yemenis, has been faulted by human rights organizations for exacerbating what the United Nations has deemed the world’s worst humanitarian catastrophe.”
Yemen, says Senator Isakson. Where the devil is that? Don’t seem that any of them contributed to my campaign fund.

MBS is not reining in his thuggery. That’s bad news for Saudi activists.
Says Senator Isakson: Murder? Authoritarianism? Denial of human rights? Why, these are our Saudi friends. And Jared just loves MSB—the way Donald loves Kim Jong Un!

A volatile week and erratic president leave little hope for compromise in Congress
“Lawmakers appear poised to continue an eight-year trend, lurching from deadline to deadline, crisis to crisis, unable to tackle looming policy issues.”

How wonderful, says Johnny Isakson! The same President who closed down the federal government to blackmail Congress into funding his border wall, now says he will do no business on behalf of the American people until Congress shuts down its investigations of him. Now, that’s leadership!

Trump tweets heavily edited video of Pelosi played by Fox Business
Golly, says Johnny Isakson. Give my President “A” for consistency. He spent five years telling the lie that Obama was not an American citizen, he has made over 10,000 false or misleading statements since becoming President, and now, he has the courage to tweet a patently doctored video of Nancy Pelosi! Why, I’m just so pleased we Republicans gave America a President imbued with such Christian virtue!

 Giuliani meets with former diplomat as he continues to press Ukraine inquiries
This is just great, says Isakson. We Republicans have long advocated for American politicians to turn to foreigners to get dirt on their opponents. Just look at all those contacts between Trump’s people and the Russians. Masterful move! And Giuliani? Another great American hero! How lucky Americans are for Trump to have Giuliani and Lindsey Graham as his brain truest!

On Assange, the government throws smart and careful out the window

Says Isakson: Oh, listen to all those liberals caterwauling about the First Amendment. We Trumpists are not going to be deterred by such triviality. Why, remember how Joe McCarthy went after all those Commies? Well, me and my Republican colleagues have put ol’ Joe back in town!

Trump tries to steer border wall deal to GOP donor’s firm
Isakson: We Republicans have always been strong advocates for crony capitalism, and this is crony capitalism at its best. Plus, Trump has brought back nepotism! I sleep better at night knowing that Jared and Ivanka have those high-level positions in the White House. And President Trump, in his infinite wisdom, exempted them from those pesky security clearances. Now, that’s REAL leadership!

Trump Gives Attorney General Sweeping Power in Review of 2016 Campaign Inquiry
Isakson: Just think! The chain of command for Trump’s investigation of the Russiagate imbroglio runs directly from Vladimir Putin to Donald Trump to William Barr. An innovation right up there with trusting Vladimir Putin over U.S. intelligence services, publicly blabbing sensitive intelligence reports to the Russian Foreign Minister in a meeting in the Oval Office, sucking up to Putin in the Helsinki press conference, and refusing to do a damn thing to strengthen US countermeasures against Russian cyber warfare. Trump’s stewardship for U.S. national security interests just amazes me!  

Trump administration to pull out of rural Job Corps program, laying off 1,100 workers
Isakson: Great move! Those rural areas are getting too much of a slice of the pie. Their residents risk becoming welfare queens, just like those minority people in our big cities. I hope Trump will hold the line and not give in to their demands for more federal funding for hospitals and improved education and internet connections. Good God. They already get Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and Obamacare. And we Republicans are going to take that away from them, by golly! Do those people think the world owes than a living?

Trump/Isakson Plan to Get Thousands of Pollution Deaths off the Books by Changing EPA’s Math
“The Environmental Protection Agency plans to change the way it calculates the health risks of air pollution, a shift that would make it easier to roll back a key climate change rule because it would result in far fewer predicted deaths from pollution, according to five people with knowledge of the agency’s plans.”

Johnny Isakson: Pure genius! If the rules you want to change, based on decades-old methods of scientific calculation, would show more people dying, just manipulate the math to support your political objectives. Such ingenuity! I’m proud to be working with a President and a Party that came up with it.

Trump considers pardons for some U.S. soldiers accused of war crimes
This would be such a vile, despicable act, we won’t even attempt to provide an annotation about Senator Isakson’s response. So far as we can determine, Isakson has not spoken out against the proposal. Isakson’s acquiescence would put him so deep into the Trump sewer, the stench would never leave him. Meanwhile, while Isakson remains silent, American veterans speak out loudly:

Six migrant children have died in U.S. custody. Here’s what we know about them
A 16-year-old boy died in CBP custody.
So sorry, says Johnny Isakson. But how else are we to deal with the immigration crisis except by detaining the children in concentration camps? And some of them are bound to fall through the cracks now and then. And remember what my favorite Republican President, Donald Trump, said about immigrants: “‘These aren’t people. These are animals.” He has stated that they “criminals,” and called them “rapists,” drug dealers, “animals” and “bad hombres” who “infest our country.” Dead on, says Johnny Isakson.

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