Time for “Bring the Kids to Work” at the White House

News Report:

White House aides rattled after positive coronavirus tests and officials send mixed messages on how to respond


Hey, Melania, Ivanka, and Jared: please, show your mettle by taking your children to visit the White House and mingle with the staff. Don’t bother with those pesky face masks. Have the children shake the staffers’ hands. Make a day of it. Have lunch in the White House mess. Forget about the White House first putting in place adequate safeguards against spreading the virus. Constant deep cleaning? hand-washing? Sissy stuff!

You especially, Melania. Grab Baron and go have lunch with the Millers in the White House mess. Invite the other positive WH aide to join you.

And, Melania: if you see the above as a cruel proposal that is likely to get you and Baron infected with Coronavirus, remember: that is exactly the attitude of your husband toward the workers in those meat plants that your husband signed an executive order to force them to return to work—in conditions far worse than those in the White House.

I have a feeling you’d still don’t get it, Melania. Your and your husband’s callous indifference to average, non-wealthy people Is beginning to shine through in all its blazing glory, every time your husband makes a decision or opens his mouth regarding Coronavirus. That warped, twisted, and depraved mentality can no longer be hidden, when its displayed almost daily in your husband’s deranged rants.

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