Thumbs Down on Senator Susan Collins

Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank on October 6 published “Susan Collins’s Declaration of Cowardice.”

IndieDems Comment:

Thank you, Dana Milbank, for epressing with more eloquence the thoughts I was ready to write. Susan Collins’ attempt to have her cake and eat it, too, long ago passed the limits of tolerance. She’s done this thing of criticizing Trump for some particularly egregious utterance while continuing to support him and his agenda many times too many. I call it “pulling a Paul Ryan.”

Cowardice is the correct definition. You cannot hunt with the hounds and run with the hare. With her pro-Kavanaugh vote, Susan Collins chose to hunt with the hounds while they tear the hare to shreds. She, like all pro-Trumpists, must be defeated, like the slaveowners and segregationists needed to be defeated to keep America great.

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