The Supreme Court as the White Republican Redoubt

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Let me introduce a word that needs to become a staple in any discussion about packing the Supreme Court: redoubt. Merriam Webster defines it as “a secure retreat, stronghold.” The Republicans have transformed the Supreme Court into a redoubt from which to protect and defend white privilege and power, something they can no longer do from any executive branch, U. S. Congress, or state legislature that genuinely reflects the will of the people.

This fact is now abundantly clear from Amy Barrett’s taking a seat on the Supreme Court: the Republican Conservative “Christian” White People (RCCWP) who now have a solid majority on the Supreme Court intend to turn the Court unto a redoubt from which to defend the interests of Republican Conservative Christian White People like themselves, and tell the rest of America to go to hell.

RCCWPs know full well that their power and influence in elected bodies is fading fast. What better way to make up for their diminished power at the polls than to have a mere five RCCWPs on the SCOTUS with, in effect, veto power over any law that benefits minorities and average Americans—like Obamacare or the 1965 Voting Rights law that exponentially expanded the number of black voters.

The Republican right-wing Justices, of course, gutted the major provision of that law in 2013.  A harbinger of what is now to follow as Barrett mans the battlements of the SC redoubt.

Describing the Supreme Court as a redoubt for defending white power and influence is an exaggeration? There is a firm precedent: the United States Senate. For decades in the 20th Century, a handful of Southern segregationist Senators were the chairmen of and controlled several powerful Senate committees. Using their offices, the segregationist Senators were able to block the passage of any meaningful civil rights laws for decades. They had turned the Senate into a redoubt from which they beat back the growing demand for a better day for African-Americans. The Senate was referred to as the South’s revenge for losing the civil war.

The Supreme Court has replaced the Senate as the white redoubt. The Republican conservative majority in 2013 nullified the key provision of the civil rights act of 1965 that  protected black voting rights and led to an explosion in black voters. Justice Barrett will immediately rush to the battlements of the RCCWP redoubt. The 2013 decision is a harbinger of things to come.

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