The Smug Inside-the-Beltway Culture Rears Its Head

Secretary of State Michael Pompeo has been criticized for organizing swank gatherings known as “Madison Dinners,” with a guest list comprised of the Washington elite in politics, journalism, etc. Critics charge that Pompeo is spending the taxpayers’ money for  dinners that are meant to serve Pompeo’s personal political ambitions and have little to do with his official duties.

On Tuesday, Washington Post columnist David Ignatius wrote a column ” ‘Madison Dinners’ aren’t scandalous. I went to one,” stating that, on the basis of his experience, he believed the criticism was undeserved. He felt they served a good purpose by giving people who are opponents in the political arena a chance to mix and mingle in a friendly atmosphere, thereby taking the edge off of the animosities so prevalent in Washington these days.

IndieDems  blogger Tom Barksdale Comments:

Pardon me while I puke. The quintessential Inside-the-Beltway Washington Post columnist has delivered the quintessential comment on the quintessential relationship between a Post columnist and an Inside-the-Beltway senior official. So, says David Ignatius (paraphrasing), “I have analyzed the relationship between me and Mike Pompeo, and I hereby declare it’s about as perfect as an ITB relationship can be!”

He continues: I write nasty columns about Pompeo—and Pompeo invites me and my wife to a privileged, sumptuous affair that only the ITB elite get to attend! What a home run for independent, journalistic integrity!

Try this, Mr. Ignatius. It’s the middle of the civil rights struggle of the 1960s. Black people are being killed, beaten, and spat on as they fight for basic civil liberties. A racist bigot sets off a bomb in a black church in Birmingham, killing four young black girls. Martin Luther King is in jail. The deplorable disparity between blacks and whites is being highlighted. An Inside-the-Beltway politician declares his support for “segregation today, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever.” He declares the Civil Rights movement is a hoax perpetrated by power-hungry black leaders. In fact, Communists are behind the whole thing! He refers to Martin Luther King as a “trouble making n——r.” He constantly insults, demeans, libels, and ridicules his opponents. He is a pathological liar. He declares the federal government should cease its efforts to uphold the rule of law on behalf of black Americans.

A WaPo columnist writes a column criticizing the white racist’s policies—and then is ever so eager to attend a swank soirée put on by the demagogic racist bigot. The columnist thinks it’s ever so wonderful for him to socialize with the avowed bigot—never giving a thought to the idea that such an act gives legitimacy to the bigot and makes his policies seem normal.

Would that have made you want to puke, Mr, Ignatius? How about you, WaPo publisher and editors?

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