Republicans Revel in Their Immorality and Incompetence

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Trump’s daily display of gangsterism—consisting of lies, slander, libel, and insults—shows there are two sets of rules: one for Republicans, another for everybody else. Trump is not singlehandedly vulgarizing, coarsening, and degrading America’s political culture. It’s the fact that the Republican Party as an institution vigorously supports every word Trump speaks and every deed he commits that has taken us into a moral sewer. It’s the 85 percent of Republicans who proudly support Trump and want to re-elect him who are destroying everything America stands for.

Republicans support Trump as he wages war against God’s 10 Commandments, Jesus’ Golden Rule, the Constitution, the rule of law, our basic democratic and moral values—and against common human decency. And so far, they have gotten away with it.

We decent Americans must destroy the Republican Party the way we destroyed slavery, segregation—and Republican-supported McCarthyism. Republicans deserve no mercy.

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